Consultation and Advisory Services


Accountability is important within institutions of all scopes and sizes, especially when it comes to financial management. J&G is experienced in reviews of financial and operational information to aid management in ensuring standards and internal controls are maintained throughout all areas of an organization. We work closely with management to design and perform a variety of agreed-upon procedures, such as the testing of procedures, documentation and controls. These engagements are designed uniquely to meet the specific goals and requirements of our clients.

Our Expertise

J&G has expertise in the finances of local governments, and can also aid management in evaluating operations and making a variety of assessments useful in decision-making and the responsible, effective use of public funds with respect to specific scenarios or the government as a whole.

Our Services

J&G offers advisory services including:

  • Cash Reconciliations
  • Fraud and Internal Control Testing
  • Preparation of Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR)
  • Accounting and Fraud Prevention Trainings
  • Fraud Risk Assessments

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